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My Research Agenda

My research aims to empower people to achieve their fullest potential in a sustainable manner while embracing and celebrating their social identities. My research is positioned at the intersection of corporate social advocacy, critical public relations, corporate social responsibility/sustainability, and culture.

My current research focuses on situations where brand and corporate activism, environmental conservation, and socioeconomic development collide with intersectional social justice issues such as gender, race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, ability, citizenship, and other axes of inequality and oppression.

My doctoral dissertation is a postmodern analysis of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) activism within the non-Western socioeconomic context of Ghana. I have authored publications on communication, public relations, sales, and marketing communications.

I have presented various research projects at major international communication conferences, and published in reputable communication journals.

Explore some of my books, book chapter contributions, journal articles, dissertations, theses, and long essays here.

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Small Business and Entrepreneurial Development in Africa: A Route to Sustained Economic Development
This book explores the issues around small business and entrepreneurial activities in Africa within the context of frequent collapse of...
CEOs on a Mission: Reimagining CEO Activism, Development, and Difference
Today, CEOs function increasingly as social activists, often pursuing socio-political causes which fall outside of their usual pursuit of the...
Social Media and Africa’s Public Sector: Perspectives on Contemporary Issues
This book focuses on developing a systematic approach to understanding the transformations in Africa's public sector social media landscape. Looking...
Responsible Management in Emerging Markets – A Multisectoral Focus
Responsible Management in Emerging Markets: A Multisectoral Focus is in response to the dearth of literature on responsible management in emerging...
Becoming a Sales Star
Becoming a Sales Star is a sales management text that highlights a consultative selling approach. Sales approaches, tools, and techniques...